“How To Unleash Your Greatest Impact In Ministry”


A step by step process to Uncover, Unlock and Unleash Your Right Place and Right Assignment


Wearing The  Right C.A.P.’s Ministry Placement Made Easy…

This is Step 1: For Ministries

Imagine every leader and member in the right place, doing the right assignment with our hands on support. Details Here…



Wearing The Right C.A.P.’s Global Ministry Impact Assessment System

This is Step 1: For Leaders and Individuals

Wearing The Right C.A.P. Fivefold Ministry Leadership Assessment©


PAGS (Primary Area Gift Stream) Assessment© to identify where you fit in ministry and work if you are not a fivefold ministry leader. Details…


Wearing The  Right C.A.P.’s Unleash Your Calling Online Home Study Coach Mentoring Program:

This is Step 1: For Individuals

“Uncover Your Kingdom Assignment and Clarify Your Unique Role With Such Precision So That You Are No Longer Confused About What to Do and How to Do It In As Little as 8 Hours-Guaranteed!” Click here for details