We teach parents how to unleash the Super Hero in their children, ages 4-17, so that they identify their Super Power abilities, purpose and assignment to impact lives in their sphere of influence by following a practical step-by-step roadmap with interactive digital materials and hands on activities.

Join Robin Kegler, The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach™ as she and her specially invited leaders and presenters personally guide you through the principals that have uncovered, unlocked and unleashed purpose and life assignments in leaders, adults and young adults since 2005.

Now parents, grandparents, educators and youth organizations you can do the same thing when you implement this practical, step-by-step roadmap, course and system for your children, ages 4-17.




Video Training Sessions

Watch and listen to practical teaching and training from Robin Kegler as she reveals simple truths and lessons learned from teaching and coaching learned over 25 years of working with youth, adults and leaders to unleash their calling and make a greater impact in their sphere of influence quickly.


Live and Recorded Q&A Sessions

Robin Kegler and specially invited Kids By Design Program© presenters answer practical questions on the most common issues parents encounter with their children at different stages of their life.


Kids By Design Resources

You get your tools, templates and action guides for the Kids By Design Program all in one place for easy access….PLUS…

The Kids By Design APP and so much more!

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Lead Instructor



Robin Kegler, The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach™ , CEO Wearing The Right C.A.P.©, author and leading placement strategist and consultant

“You make things so simple. Even a 1-2-3 year old baby can understand.” Jerome Robinson

“You bring the spiritual and the practical together.”

“You make things so simple even a baby can understand.” Nina P.




What’s Included?


Through our foundational course in the KIDS BY DESIGN Program©, you will receive:

Comprehensive video and audio training on the secrets to unleash your child’s ability, purpose and assignment

 Practical step-by-step Action Guides to unleash the Super Hero within your child

Topical Q & A with Robin Kegler and special guest presenters on the most critical issues (mental health, social development and more based on parent feedback) facing youth and parents today.

Kegler Primary Area Gift Stream Assessments©: Newest editions from the groundbreaking, accurate, family of PAGS Assessments© since 2005







Signed Certificate upon completion





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The Course


The KIDS BY DESIGN Program© is being implemented in families, schools, youth organizations, ministries and more with positive reviews from parents, grandparents, youth leaders, educators and more! NOW we are bringing easy access to proven principles in the KIDS BY DESIGN Program© to every family online 24/7 worldwide!

Here’s the Roadmap to Unleash The Super Hero in Your Child

The F4.A.S.T. Formula

Practical step-by-step roadmap to jumpstart parents, grandparents, families, youth leaders, youth organizations and educators to unleash the Super Hero in your child!

Here is the 5 step formula to uncover, unlock and unleash your child’s purpose,  super power abilities and assignment



Form a Firm Foundation (See sample content)

We show you the #1 thing to focus on by answering 3 questions


Follow Your Stream

We show how to help identify where to start looking for their right place and assignment


Acknowledge Your Fulfillment Factor

We help you examine the “V2V” Ratio for your child’s fulfillment in their lives.


See The Clues

We show you how to explore your past, present, internal and external factors that impact your child’s purpose and level of impact


Take M.I.G.H.T.Y.™ Steps

We show parents how to help your child zero in on where to take the initial steps in their purpose and how to get started quickly.







Media Vault: Podcasts Interviews with Topical Q & A

KIDS BY DESIGN Tool Kit with templates, tools, checklists and more


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